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Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate



This service is for customers demanding the highest attention to detail with the best products available on the market. The exterior service is an upgrade over the Level 2 service focusing on light polishing, paint decon and protection. This service is for customers unhappy with the level of gloss on their vehicle. This service is not intended to make the paint work perfect or remove heavy swirl marks. However, a light polish can remove some minor swirl marks and general clearcoat oxidation making the vehicle much more reflective. This polishing along side proper paint decontamination can make your paintwork feel smooth to the touch, much glossier and alow the sealant to bond properly, thus lasting longer and beading water amazingly well.

Hand Wash

Iron Decon
Clay Bar
Mild Polish
Professional Grade Sealant
Clean Wheels
Tire Dressing
Fender Wells
Trim Black
RainX Front/Rear Windshield

Clean Glass


Vacuum Interior/Trunk

Shampoo & Steam Clean Carpet

Shampoo & Steam Clean Leather/Cloth Seats

Steam Clean/Degrease Interior Panels
Interior Protectant (ArmorAll)
Leather Conditioner
Clean Interior Glass

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